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What Is a Clerk Magistrate Hearing?

A clerk magistrate hearing or Massachusetts show cause hearing is a notice to appear in court to begin your criminal case. However, you can use this opportunity to prevent a criminal case from ever appearing on your Massachusetts criminal record.

Get the Legal Representation You Need

A clerk magistrate hearing is your opportunity to plead your own case and stop the complaint before you're formally charged in district court.

If you receive a notice to appear in court for a clerk magistrate hearing, call the Law Office of Bruce J. Patryn. We'd be glad to represent you in court and provide you with the legal consultation you need.

Our attorneys have 20 years of experience in the Springfield area and have worked on numerous different cases. We'll fight for your rights and do everything in our power to get your case dismissed.

Probation Violations 

A probation violation is an offense that occurs when you break the terms or conditions of your probation.

The consequences associated with a violation depends on a variety of factors such as the seriousness of the violation, whether you have any prior violations, among other things.

To avoid any heavy fines, extended probation, or jail time, call the Law Office of Bruce J. Patryn for your FREE initial consultation.

We'll use all of our legal experience to offer you the representation you need.
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